Just got done reading Mickey Maguire’s “Ninja Mind Tricks.” I very much focused on and appreciated what Mickey shared about the disciplines of the ninja at the beginning of the book; something I believe is in short-supply among most of the Planet.

I was reminded as I read “Ninja Mind Tricks” that discipline is a “forever deal,” all day, every day. And the basics about every day dynamics on the back end of the book is something I learned in my early
20’s that is timeless.

What works, consistently works.

What I am “most” interested in is not acquiring more Knowledge, first, but learning about people who have Knowledge. When we learn to genuinely care about people, everything else flows brilliantly.

There is a Massive Shift happening on the Planet in so many ways and on so many levels.

When we really learn to co-operate with each other, we will really make progress in creating Heaven on Earth.

I like Mickey Maguire… I “HIGHLY” recommend that you connect with what he’s sharing so, together, we can Create the most AMAZING Planet, EVER, together! ❤️❤️❤️

Mickey, you ROCK!!! Thank you for sharing you and what you Know… Very Thankful for you… ❤️

Amy Salvato.