Ninja Mind Tricks by Mickey Maguire

Take Control of Your Life with the Secret Mental Powers of Japan’s Shinobi Warriors.

Hollywood bestows upon the ninja seemingly god-like powers. You will see all sorts of exaggerated combat techniques depicted in movies. While some of them have a basis in fact, most of them are too outlandish to take seriously. What movie makers have overlooked completely is the mental discipline of real ninja warriors from ancient Japan. Aside from a few hand gestures, they show nothing of the mental teaching of shinobi-no-mono, the Ninja.

The author, Mickey Maguire, teaches you how to use the mental powers of the Ninja to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Learn how the ninja prepared their minds for any confrontation. Become a fortress of Iron Will. At the core, you are pure energy, learn how to harness that energy and create the future you’ve always wanted. Become the Winner you were meant to be. Available at Amazon.

Get Happy, Write Away by Mickey Maguire

What people really want most in life is happiness. They don’t want to worry about finances or the future. They don’t want to worry about their job. Stress related illness and fear of failure can prevent you from ever reaching your goals and accomplishing your dreams.

Are you happy with your life? Do you love your job? Do you have the love-life you have always wanted? Do you daydream about what you’d like to do? Where you’d like to work? Where you’d like to live?

If you are not happy with your life, if you don’t like your job, if you feel that you deserve better, then reading this book can help. If you read this book and follow this plan of action, you will discover your passion and turn your dreams into realities. Available at Amazon.

The Art and Craft of Romanceby Mickey Maguire

Many people believe that genuine romance is dead. No, it’s not! Genuine romance, in the classical sense is alive and well, but, it is kept in the hands of a few masters of the art. The Art and Craft of Romance will teach you how to write romantic love letters and love poems that will warm the coldest heart.

Win the heart of your soul mate. Available at Amazon.

Fly Tying Secrets of the Pros by Mickey Maguire

Mickey Maguire takes you through step-by-step instructions that teach you the most important fly tying techniques taught by world-class fly tyers. Many of these lessons are Mickey’s original methods, but, there are also tips from such famous tyers as Poul Jorgensen, Bob Nastasi (co-author of Hatches), and Bob Veverka.

This book will save you years of trial and error learning how to tie professional quality flies. Learn how to tell a well-tied fly at a glance. Learn the LOGIC behind developing real fish-catching patterns.

You can develop what Mickey calls a “critical eye” and never tie a bad fly again. Available at Amazon.

Frame That Shot by Mickey Maguire

Frame That Shot is a common sense, easy to follow guide to turn the average photographer into an award winner. This book is filled with great tips on how to properly set up each shot you take and clearly explains the pitfalls that often ruin a perfect photo opportunity.

You’ll have a better understanding of what makes a great picture, when and how to use a zoom lens, where to place subjects in your shots, even how to direct the viewer’s eyes to the spot in the picture you really wanted them to see.

This book wraps things up with portrait tips and even shows you some very clever poses to get you started.

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