Mickey Maguire is a professional photographer, author, songwriter, and motivational speaker currently residing in Columbus, Ohio.

┬áIn his words…

I have always believed that happy people have found their passion in life. I don’t have one passion, I have many.

My love of photography began at an early age. As a young child I took pictures with an old Kodak Brownie. For high school graduation I received a Pentax K-1000 as a gift from my parents. Within a couple of years I was shooting professionally.

I combined another passion, writing, with photography and started submitting articles for various publications. Years later, I have written several books, including a book on how to take pictures like a professional photographer (“Frame That Shot”).

Over the years I’ve photographed PGA tournaments, Renaissance Fairs, air shows, amusement parks, musical performers, and an assortment of commercial work. My passion has always been nature and wildlife photography (landscape, wildflowers, and a variety of critters).

Photography– it’s all about passion.