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Photography is all about light. Whether you use an old film camera, a new digital SLR, or the camera on your cell phone, you are really capturing light at a particular moment in time.

If you are observant, you will see that light can change from one moment to the next. It changes throughout the day. Early morning and late evening produce the softest light and gentle shadows. Midday often produces harsh light and strong shadows. Cloudly days produce diffused lighting. Shoot the same composition three different times in one day and each image will be different. In fact, it is theoretically possible to say that no two images are exactly alike.

Seasons come and go. Landscapes change along with the seasons. You can shoot the same scenic vista with the change of seasons and each is beautiful in its own way.

That is why I never get tired of taking pictures.


About Mickey...


Mickey Maguire is a professional photographer, author, singer-songwriter, and motivational speaker currently residing in Columbus, Ohio.


In his words...


I have always believed that happy people have found their passion in life. I don't have one passion, I have many.

My love of photography began at an early age. As a young child I took pictures with an old Kodak Brownie. For high school graduation I received a Pentax K-1000 as a gift from my parents. Within a couple of years I was shooting professionally.

I combined another passion, writing, with photography and started submitting articles for various publications. Years later, I have written several books, including a book on how to take pictures like a professional photographer ('Frame That Shot").

Over the years I've photographed PGA tournaments, Renaissance Fairs, air shows, amusement parks, musical performers, and an assortment of commercial work. My passion has always been nature and wildlife photography (landscape, wildflowers, and a variety of critters).

Photography-- it's all about passion.



Long ago I owned a web domain called "Tricorn Publications." I published historical documents from United States of America. They were freely available to anyone, anywhere, in popular ebook formats. My goal was to help people learn the history of America and to appreciate our style of government, a democratic republic. I started the current domain name, a few years ago.


I also have the old archive of Ukulele Player Magazine that you can freely download. I published the magazine at a time when there was no other ukulele enthusiast publication on the Internet. I did most of the work myself and the pulication quickly amassed 155,000+ readers. I kept readers coming to the website with each new issue I released.

When I eventually had competition from big publishing entities, with deep pockets. I could no longer afford to hold our space in the market. The nail in our coffin was when a close partner in the ukulele manufacturing scene shipped us two prototypes to review and one arrived damaged. Sadly, they blamed me and THAT ended what was once a very friendly relationship with a great company. I helped them grow their market share with my reviews of their products. It was not my fault that a prototype arrived cracked from compression, but the result of that shipment arriving damaged killed what was once a good publication. And now you know why it ended.


You can download Ukulele Player Magazine here: Ukulele Player Magazine


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